Is Psychology an Indoctrination Methodology or just Voodoo ?

Voodoo appears the equivalence of psychology as they demonstrate what a total and complete psychology really is. Stephan Lewandowski has a lot to answer as he is one of the main charlatans who have bought it into ill repute.

As psychology comes under ever increasing scrutiny for the ways it has dealt and is dealing with issues and topics aka Stephan Lewandowski and his corrupted interpretation on “Denialists” showed the desperation of psychology “experts” using their so called science to smear and denigrate while destroying any credibility that Psychology may have had.

Psychology, is it indoctrination or Voodoo ?

It has now become a laughing stock of hypocrisy, errors, bias and blatant ignorance on subjects they are supposed to know better and study on a daily basis. Psychologist like Stephan Lewandowski demonstrates and practises Psychology demonstrating that is neither a science or can be regarded as being any part of the scientific discipline.

Stephan Lewandowski drag Psychology down another level

Psychology has become the hoax that people have always thought it to be. Notice also that very few “Experts” in that field come out to either justify Lewandowski’s moronic sampling and erroneous methodology and there are also none who come out to defend that “guessing science” either. That entire discipline needs a major shake-up and it’s not going to be performed by cheats, liars and public funded thieves like Stephan Lewandowski, heading those investigations. It has become a left wing dominated, farce and so far extracted from reality as to make it completely useless.

It has also been demonstrated in the past that feminists and their lying enablers have used Psychology in order to defend that male hating movement by trying to demonstrate all method of spreading false information has merit and is justified for the cause, they tried to claim that there are NO differences between the sexes(it’s their environment they claimed). Liars, cheats and thieves is apparently a pre-condition for applicants, as they live off the millions of dollars that biased, left wing governments inject into that discipline in order to push their indoctrinated purview which would normally be laughed at and ridiculed. But it is people like Lewandowski who use that untested and farcical discipline to promote their own believe and biased opinions and shape every test, survey and paper according to preconceived ideas. It truly is an ongoing farce.

Here is more on the farce that Lewandowski, as he indulges in fraudulant studies that promotes and justifies his fanatical “warmist” hysteria..

 The Daily Lew…

LewWorld continues to crumble from within and Skeptical Science has been exposed as conspiracy theory central, according to Dr. Judith Curry, who sums up your failure quite well:

The latest ‘explanation’ for lack of belief in the IPCC consensus ‘truth’ is that these non believers are conspiracy theorists.  See Stephan Lewandowsky’s editorial Evidence is overrated if you are a conspiracy theorist.  Lewandowsky’s ‘evidence’ was a scammed internet survey.  Bloggers such as Steve McIntyre, Anthony Watts, BishopHill, Lucia, JoNova are all over this, and have exposed the scam (note: there are multiple posts on each of these blogs).  BS detection in action.  While I have used the term ‘auditors’ for deep investigations of problems with climate data, BS detection seems much more apt for this particular issue.

Lew, get a clew.  I hope this experience with the skeptical bloggers has revealed what they are really all about, as they have revealed YOUR conspiracy by finding a really big pile.

The ‘conspiracy’ among green climate bloggers  has been further revealed by the leak of John Cook’s secret forum (link).  SkepticalScience seems to becoming the ringleader for conspiratorial activities by the green climate bloggers.  All this is high entertainment for those of us who follow the climate blog wars.  But take a step back, and consider how bad this makes you look, and how poorly it reflects on the science and ’cause’ that you are trying to defend.

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