Deadly Women killing kids not nearly as rare as we think.

Checking my other WMASAW website I was suprised to see a massive hit rate on this article –

Hellen Moore:Child Murderer released 13 Years after Life sentence..

This particular article has suddenly raised a lot of interest and it appeared that an article about “Deadly Women” may well be the starting point. This is strange as the article was originally done in 28 March 2011, which goes to show how slow the MSM is these days and why they prefer to ignore that topic for as long as they can.

In May of 1979, in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, 17 year old Helen Patricia Moore suffocated Suzanne McIntosh, a 16 month old cousin whom she was babysitting – the child’s death was at the time put down to cot death.

In January of 1980 Moore attempted to suffocate yet another of her babysitting charges, 12 month old Nicholas Vaughan. Having thought her latest attempt at murder a success, Helen Moore went back to calmly watching TV. A while later the baby boy started crying, she called the ambulance and the boy made a full recovery.

Despite this latest suspicious incident, the babysitting jobs kept coming and on February 1st 1980 Helen suffocated two year old Aaron Crocker with a pillow, again failing to finish the job properly. Little Aaron survived but was left blind and crippled and died several years later as a result of Moore’s attack.
A few weeks later on February 24th 1980, two year old Rachel Hay died while in the care of Helen Moore.
In march of 1980, Helen’s seven year old brother Peter was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in the family home, only then did Helen’s mother Jesse realize something was up. She called the police and the whole story came out, with Helen quickly confessing first to the murder of Peter then to the other crimes.
Now here’s the thing, when Helen Moore was sentenced in 1980 the judge gave her life, but a dozen years later she sought a sentence review and that original sentence was reduced to 13 years and nine months, and in 1993 Helen Moore was given parole! Think about it, this is a serial killer who preyed on children and they let her out of jail after just 13 years.

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Moms killing kids not nearly as rare as we think

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