Child Abuse : The Endless Saga of Women Sexually Abusing Boys

Female Paedophiles Abusing Young Boys

This has not even slowed down as more and more women finally face jail time for abusing under age boys. One would have

destiny witte paedophile

Sexually abusing young boys appears to be open slather for these mothers.The ever increasing sexual abuse appears to be endless. Is it new or is it just that now they are being caught and exposed at it ?

thought that they would finally get the message that it is just not on, they will finally be held accountable for their abusive actions. Something that has been ignored for a very long time. Maybe we are witnessing normal behaviour of women are they are now able to be “themselves”. It this standard female behaviour. Has it not been the case that those lying feminists have been accusing of only men being the abuser while women are always held to be above that type of behavior.

Women Sexually Abusing Children

Now that all the restriction have been buried and the feminist doctrine educated female to do whatever they want, they appear to be demonstrating that they are precisely opposite to what we have been led to believe. One wonders just how long this type of behaviour has been going on and why it was and is ignored so often by the general public, especially other women whose child is being endangered by these sexual pariahs, these paedophiles. One cannot imagine that this did not go on in the past, in the early 1960s and onwards, even before then. Back then though it was greatly discouraged, where now it’s the all out “You Go Girl”, abuse whoever you want. That mentality is astounding.

Female Teachers and Plastic Sugery, it’s for the Students..

hate male

This is how boys are viewed by feminists and society as a whole. No one stands up for little boys regardless of the hurt and damage they cause.

Bias in Education, What BIAS ?

Feminist Fallacy: Women are harmless..

Another Female Sexual Predator Forcing Sex on Boys..

Another Female Teacher at it again..

 Why are sexually abusive women never referred to as pedophiles ?

Female Child Abuse on the Increase

This woman ruined her chance at being married but at the same time already has three kids of her own. Now that is some weird behaviour from someone who is supposed to know better.

Just Weird: Woman arrested for sleeping with 14-year-old-boy two weeks before her wedding

Everything seemed to be going perfectly well for Destiny Witte, a 32-year-old woman from Florida. Witte was engaged to the love of her life as they were making the final plans for their wedding day.

Sadly, Witte was arrested two weeks before her big day. The charges caused her fiancé to cancel the wedding and break off their engagement.

Witte was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy.

Police said, the 14-year-old victim, met Witte in person several times and exchanged text messages before they met in Lake Bonny Park in Lakeland.

After chatting in the park, Witte took the boy to a men’s room where the two had sex, according the police officers.

Family members were upset that Witte was spending a lot of time around the child. They called police claiming that the “boy was acting strange after meeting with Witte.”  Family members grew uncomfortable with the 32-year-old woman being around the 14-year-old-boy.

After speaking with the boy, investigators believe that Witte and the child had at least one “make-out session” a week before having sex. The alleged sexual encounter took place on June 24.

Witte, who is a mother of three school-age children, should have known better.

Witte was booked into the Polk County Jail and charged with lewd battery on a child under 16 and 2 counts of lewd conduct with a child under 16.

She is reported to be on suicide watch while awaiting her first court appearance.

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