The Marriage Game Disappearing as Females Wait too Long.

The good hair day, marriage game disappearing though.

The Marriage Game.

I am really blaze about this “Marriage” thing or the lack of it. The long term effect does more harm to women than it does to men. It will be women who have and will continually moan about their situation of “Not” finding a “good man”. The problem right there is that we already know what their interpretation of a good man is, and it ain’t pleasant. They prefer to spend their early years banging as many hoods and thugs as possible and then wonder why their reputation supersedes them !

Reputation Supersedes Them.

I mean really, who wants to marry some tart who has been banging her way to the top. On top of all that, who wants some plasticised, fake female who has spent most of it’s income on surgery and everything else in order to find a partner. I mean really. It may appeal to their vanity and ego when they look in the mirror, but when a female smiles at you and the entire botoxed face refuses to move, one has to wonder what it really is and why bother to smile at all, causes wrinkles you know !

The Marriage Game Statistics.

Dalrock has some nice stats showing just that, as the Princess marriage rates drop, they claim it’s because they planned it that way, or is it the marriage strike finally kicking in where females have just priced themselves out of the market. Nowadays, you don’t just marry, you also marry a huge debt.

More grim news for carousellers hoping to jump at the last minute.

Ever since my post in June Never marrieds piling up I’ve been curious what the data would look like for 2012.  The US Census has the data posted, and I’ve updated the charts.  I’ve also added two new charts at the end which show the breakdown by race.  As I shared previously, the first two charts are time series for white women going back to the last year I have easy access to data for, 1999.  Here is the chart for ages 25 to 49:

I left the 20-24 age bracket off the chart above because the never married rate for that group has been fairly flat the last few years and it changes the scale of the chart.  However, I have created a version of the chart including that age group for your data analysis pleasure.

Here is a zoom looking just at the 30-49 age groups:

My basic analysis of the data hasn’t changed since my previous post, but the additional data reinforces that something very important is happening.

More and more women continue to postpone marriage past their late 20s, and those who do so are finding it harder to marry in their 30s.  The changes in the later age groups likely dramatically understate the eventual impact of the existing choices because there is a delay before the changes in each age bracket fully cascade into the next older bracket.  Note that the same situation exists between the early and late thirties brackets which we saw with last year’s data, only more pronounced.  The late thirties group has been increasing even though the corresponding values for the same group five years earlier were constant.  This indicates that marriage rates for women in their mid thirties have been declining over the last five years.


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