Westwood High School Principal Tim Richards , Publicy Humiliating Boys, Standard Practice.

westwood warriors bibs

Westwood warriors possible “NEW” baby bibs design, nappies and pacifiers are on order. School uniform to include pink and frills as soon as possible. Sooking and dummy spitting encouraged. Female abusive behaviour ignored while only the boys are humiliated and publicly abused. A leading example of the “NEW” education system where only girls exist and the rest are just collateral damage.

One wonders how often this type of psychological abuse is utilised against females ?

Tim Richard, principal at Westwood High School,

This is the typical response by education administrators when dealing with any issue concerning boys. They make every effort at throttling their chances of success, where even female teachers, bless their little boy shagging efforts, will deliberately mark down any boys marks in order to make sure that the privileged princess wins and passes (On this site somewhere). So every effort is made to denigrate, humiliate and just screw boys into the ground any and every way possible. This is today’s left wing education system and here is another example on how they follow the feminist doctrine when dealing with one sex while completely ignoring the obnoxious, nasty, rude and malicious behaviour of the privileged princesses.

Bias is a word that only applies when any PP is assumed to be minutely impaired, even by looking at them. Immediate steps are taken whenever the privileged princesses are deemed to be “suffering” but whenever our sex is maligned or denigrated or publicly humiliated or abused, well that’s different. No one usually does not give a feck, this is now standard behaviour by that same sexist and discriminatory education system who make the claim that they actually give a damn.

Strange is it not. Speak to any female teacher, of which there are now 80% plus in the education system and they are all “feely” about the harm and damage against boys, but when it comes right down to it, it’s girls who will continue to receive the preferred attention and every possible assistance available while the boys can just go to hell. Charming sex are they not, hypocrites the entire lot of them while they just continue on their way and keep their heads in the sand.


H.S. Principal Violated Policy by Making Boys Hold Hands

November 30, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – The principal of at a high school in Mesa, Arizona violated policy when he required two boys who were fighting to hold hands in front of other students, according to a report on azcentral.com.

Tim Richard, principal at Westwood High School, has not been reprimanded but has met with Mesa Public School officials, who advised him not to speak to the media about the incident, according to the article posted on Friday.

The school district did not release the names of the boys, but images of the incident have surfaced online and on Facebook.

Helen Hollands, spokeswoman for the school district, released a statement on the incident:

“Mesa Public Schools is dedicated to maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment,” the statement said. “The district has guidelines for appropriate student discipline, and our site administrators have the authority to impose consequences within our policies and regulations.

“The district does not condone the choice of in-school discipline given these students, regardless of their acceptance or willingness to participate,” the statement said. “District leadership will address this matter with the school principal, and review district protocol regarding student discipline with all administrators.”

Richard has been praised by the district for programs he has put in place since taking the helm at the school at the start of the year, including rewarding students who are not getting failing grades to “celebration” free time.

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