Take Away Women’s Power ? Just STOP Worshipping them.

women only love themselves

Females only ever love themselves the most. Take a look in the mirror for proof.

Women have a one track mine, self.

You gotta have a listen to “What Men Know and Women Don’t”.

If you have listened to that excellent video from Rich Zubaty and Sue Hindmarsh about “What Men Know and Women Don’t” , you would have spent the next hour in stunned silence as you compare your own experiences with what both of the above stated about women in general. I suppose the best way of putting that video discussion into a nutshell would be that if you removed women completely from the Planet 90% of the problems that we face on a daily basis, as well as the Planet, would completely disappear.

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Sue Hindmarsh is brutally honest about her own sex, a sex that is not only completely into “self” but are physically and psychologically completely unable to see outside their narcissistic and completely selfish self. Now that may be a little hard to come to grips with as we have all got moms and grandmothers who in half of the cases are reasonable, emotional and caring human beings. They project that image but in reality, they are really just catering to their own emotional needs to be noticed, loved and appreciated.

The sole reason for their actions is all about their ulterior motive. I will do stuff for you, if you in return become my little slave to cater to me needs. Marriage is a similar agreement as women, after having incubated a couple of spawn, set up “Her House” and has it the way “She” wants it (you would be lucky to see 5% of space taken up by anything the male prefers or likes in any “home”) and then when she is set up and guaranteed and income is set via the courts, she calls it quits, divorces the husband as he is of no value and no longer needed because the state will now look after its selfish little self. That is apparently the way they think and if you have any doubts, refer to divorce stats and then have a look at their justification and failure to communicate it to the husband.

The decision has already been made and he does not need to know.


Divorce advantages women only

The entire world of women is solely based on how they can manipulate any man to do their bidding. They use their corrupted  “Feminine” charm to get things done, eg. flirt with janitor or any


one else, to get a leaking tap fixed or to carry heavy packaging or do work for her benefit without any monetary reward and all you get is a smile and a pat on the back for being a good boy. Just about every guy on the planet has fallen for that except of course the alpha males, who mostly demand accountability and throw out their nonsense and demand they live up to their end of the bargain, whatever that may be.

The majority of males will do just about anything for a pretty female in the hope of something more but that goal or aim, never enters the female mind, as they are solely focussed on using someone to fix something that she cannot fix herself. It turns into a friendship of convenience, HERS.


ultimate mathematical shape of women


You are basically her slave and that is precisely what every guy has to stop doing. Women completely lose that power over men if and when men actually stop faithfully falling for these inconsiderate, selfish manipulators. It is that simple. As in the video, males are becoming more feminine in order to “please” those selfish, self-serving females. They live in hope that it will place them in their good books but it never does, they are just being used by this manipulative sex because they are never satisfied and never happy.

Being happy is an aim they try to achieve but failed because of their constant demand for new “Stuff” and when that does not fix the happy meter, then someone else is to blame, they never blame themselves for anything which is why they have some many labels to use. They will even sell their vote for more benefits but refuse to comprehend and totally ignore the long-term effects, they are only interested in the now and what they get out of it.

It really is time for men to wake up.

This is not the case where men must hate women, that is not what this is about. It is time though, that we stopped giving women a free ride and stopped their devious, manipulating, behaviour and demand they become more responsible for their actions, be genuine  and behave like a respectable human being, instead of lavishly catering to their own whims and promoting every effort to gratify their  never-ending, selfish, self-serving cycle.


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