Dr Greg Canning on Domestic Violence Bias, James William’s Men’s Matters Youtube

Women are grumpier in the morning than Men

The Domestic Violence Debacle.

That endless trail of lies  and misinformation generated by that feminist hate movement on Domestic Violence, has been so destructive and obvious, that one would have to check the statistics available for themselves to make up their own mind. That is if you could find it without the bias, the obvious discrimination and falsehood that feminists and feminism introduces.

This excellent Youtube video demonstrates that bias as Greg Canning found with the main stream media bias he underwent when just supplying the facts. Those facts, they are not even remotely interested in hearing, let alone listening to. This broadcast includes that biased bigot Darryn Hinch and his biased, brain-numbing refusal to accept the bleeding obvious facts even though a plethora of studies have already demonstrated it to be the case. The bias continues, so it’s up to us to make sure all and sundry get the facts straight and correct. Fight the Bias.

Men’s Matters site link – Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them)

WMASAW has also produced a couple of MP3s on just this topic as well. One MP3 considers the Personal Safety Survey that completely destroys the previous “Women’s Safety” survey. A survey done a few years previous  which was shown to be the biased, feminist induced piece of nonsense that even the ABS had to make the declaration and disclaimer at the end of that piece of bias was such. The questions asked by “Female Only” questioners were specifically aimed at a preconceived outcome and also carried that usual biased mentality that they consistently use. That MP3 follows this Youtube presentation.

I have also just updated the What Men are Saying site, that carries the FREE MP3 available on a range of topics regarding  Men, Women and Boys.

WMASAW co-site that carries the MP3s is WhatMenAreSaying – All For One..

Here is one on Domestic Violence and the Corruption of the facts and figures by academics as well as that hate movement, generated by Amfortas (Multiple degree holder and Long time Psychologist) and narrated by yours truly, Christian J.

The ‘woman’s Safety Survey’ was “uncorroborated, biased and manipulated” ‘Advocacy research’ orchestrated by the Office for the Status of Women and passed off as Bureau of Statistics report. It caused an enormous row, says MRA Amfortas. Manipulated definitions and hysterical claims copied from America made innocuous behaviour criminal. DV sells commercial products to women and expropriates public funds for the fastest growing ‘Industry in Australia.

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