Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, Communist Sympathiser to Play Nancy Reagan

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traitor hanoi jane - jane fonda

traitor hanoi jane – jane fonda

America Biggest Traitor Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, a feminist as well.

This another example how the left side of politics are always slanging off at conservatives while aligning them with the lunacy and hypocrisy they themselves normally clearly demonstrate. Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda is a communist sympathiser was photographed in Vietnam during the Vietnam War while she maligned and denigrated America and American soldiers. Fonda is just another traitor against her own country while she lives in it and except all the riches that her own country has paid her. The hypocrisy by Hanoi Jane Fonda is complete.

If Fonda hates America that much why did she not move out and live in those countries like communist Vietnam, China or Russia (at that time was a communist regime) or Cuba, if she is that enamoured by communism and other Marxist regimes. Those regimes have been shown to have murdered hundreds of millions of people at random. Yet, here she is playing the part of the wife of a president who is solely responsible for forcing down the Berlin Wall and removing that corrupt Communist regime from office. I do not think that claim is too grand, as Reagan and Mikhail Gorbechov, worked to develop that outcome even though Gorby was completely hesitant.

So how biased and erroneous will this representation be ? How corrupt is Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda already and how biased is that movie going to be ? What a complete joke as it shows how desperate left wingers are determined to rewrite history by putting in their own spin just like they did with that Abraham Lincoln movie. Best advice towards this type of propaganda is to ignore these types of attempts to denigrate and humiliate great former leaders. It truly is a travesty.

Jane Fonda As Nancy Reagan In ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’

“I thought it would be fun to play her,” says Jane Fonda of her turn as Nancy Reagan in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, glimpsed in a new clip from the Weinstein Co. pic. The casting sparked

plenty of controversy last year when it was first announced. But “I happen to know that she’s not unhappy that I’m playing her,” says Fonda. Check it out:

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Yeah right, “But “I happen to know that she’s not unhappy that I’m playing her,” says Fonda.”, like Fonda is capable of telling the truth especially when millions of dollars is injected into this piece of left wing propaganda.

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