Single Mother Angela Godwin Blames Tattooist for Her own Negligence..

single mother Angela Godwin blames tattooist for her own incompetence.

single mother Angela Godwin blames tattooist for her own incompetence.

Single Mother Angela Godwin Blames Tattooist for her own incompetence.

This smacks of that pathetic “Women are blameless” mantra that those cretonic feminasties always prefer to point out. They hypocritically state that women are ” strong and independent” but when it comes down to accountability, all that just vaporises as they search around for someone else to blame for their own stupidity. One major example is that endless argument of dressing up as a slut or a hooker. Those delusional femiroids refuse to believe the obvious while blaming all and sundry when the obvious happens. But that’s another story.

Here we have another female drone, one is 14 and decided to have a tattoo done on it’s bulge, personal choice. Paid some clown to do it and is quite happy to lay on a mattress in a grubby little apartment for some idiot to pin prick it’s skin with ink. All is apparently kosher until single mother of said “poor victim”determines that daughter clone is blameless and tattooist is to blame. Try and work that one out.

Note : The belly button ring has been removed to protect the innocent.

Like all single mothers, always pass the blame and never admit culpability, ever..

Mother’s fury after unlicenced tattooist brands under-age daughter, 14, with kit bought on web… and escapes with just a £40 fine

An unlicensed tattooist who illegally branded a 14-year-old girl has been let off with only a £40 fine.

Ross Richardson used a kit he had bought online to mark the stomach of the teenager, who was four years below the legal minimum age of 18.

The schoolgirl paid him £20 for the tattoo – designed to commemorate her late grandfather – which was done at his flat on a ‘dirty mattress on the floor’.

Richardson, 23, was later fined £40 after he pleaded guilty to tattooing a minor.

Yesterday the girl’s mother Angela Godwin, 34, said: ‘I think it is disgusting he has got away with just a £40 fine.

‘It’s pathetic. My daughter was vulnerable and she was put in a compromising position by this man.’

The mother-of-three, who works as a midwife, said: ‘I’m so angry and so upset with what has happened and the tiny amount of punishment he received.

‘It was an unforgivable act of selfish greed. I despise him.’

Miss Godwin, who did not want to reveal her daughter’s name, said the teenager – now 15 – had been ‘scared to death’ after realising she could have become ill from unsterilised tattoo equipment.

Speaking at their family home in Gloucester, she said: ‘She had blood tests and they are clear but it has petrified her.

‘She hates it and regrets it entirely. She is desperate to have it removed and is really upset she has this horrible mark on her.’

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  1. GT66 says:

    The number one law of western society: No woman shall ever be held accountable for her behaviors and choices if there is a male nearby that can be blamed.

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