Hypocrisy Supreme: Don’t Look, but I Demand to Go Topless in Public..

lori welbourne feminist cretonia flashes boobs

lori welbourne feminist cretonia flashes boobs

Cognitive Dissonance and Plausible Denial-ability.

Has there not been a mammoth program by feminasties, along with fellows brain-deads and drones, designed to humiliate men for having the audacity to actual look at a female. Let alone look at her boobs. Those boobs that are now becoming larger and heavier all thanks to modern surgical techniques. But here is the number one question – Why are feminasties demanding to go topless when they have been raging about any male looking?

It is actually the most obvious reason why feminasties must carry that psychological condition commonly know and described as cognitive dissonance. A condition that allows the mentally afflicted to absolve themselves of hypocrisy and lying by being able to have two completely opposing opinions or thought at the same time. It is a well practised affliction that the hypocritical feminasties wear with obvious or even unknowing while claiming plausible denial-ability. Yep, they even deny being deniers.

So we have an expert in this area by the name of Lori Welbourne, a Canadian feminist of course. One of the few countries that still tolerate those cretins as they still try to sway public thinking towards their own neurotic neurosis.

So cretonia Lori Welbourne compares flashing her boobs being akin to flashing her ear lobes. Now how is that for a severe case of delusional psychotic belief. Feminasties like her must view the planet from a different angle or plane, as a severe case of CD would allow.

Canadian journalist Lori Welbourne was interviewing Walter Gray, Mayor of Kelowna, about whether it was legal to go topless in public. Welbourne took a pro-topless position with the mayor and then asked him to hold her microphone and undid her halter top to bare her breasts.

“What are you doing?” the mayor asked.  “It’s really hot in here,” she said.

Gray went on to explain that in Kelowna it wasn’t necessarily illegal for a woman to go topless, but, “I’m not suggesting you should do that but I don’t think you’d be committing any crime or breaking any bylaw,” he said.  Gray said that the reason it was illegal was probably because women going topless in public can be distracting. Welbourne responded that she found earlobes attractive, and asked Gray if he would cover up his ears.

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